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parent training

parent training

► what is parent training?

Parent training is encouraged along with ABA therapy for your child. Behavioral parent training programs are effective and have been around for a long time.

Parents will need support in order to develop consistent behavioral parenting skills. Our parent training includes:

▸ Making house rules and creating structure in consistent practices

▸ Using daily point systems to reward behaviors and actions

▸ Using “if…then” contingencies to encourage positive behaviors.

▸ Praising good behaviors

▸ Discouraging improper behaviors

▸ Using a system to reward positive behaviors

▸ Parent Continuing Education

Parent training begins with an overview of your child’s diagnosis, causes, and nature. Parents will practice at home what they have learned during the meetings we have.

We will discuss with you about your child’s progress, solve any conflicts, and learn a new topic. Parents can also participate in behavioral family therapy, where they can train as groups of families or individual families.

We want to help parents like yourself learn about ways to manage functional daily challenges.

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