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Begin a Neuropsychology Evaluation for your child or speak with one of our clinicians today! 
Begin Neuropsychology Evaluation for your child or consult with our professionals today! 

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► what is neuropsychology?

A neuropsychologist is someone who has specialized in understanding how the relationship between the brain and behavior function.

Neuropsychologist perform work doing research or clinical neuropsychology.

▸ Neuropsychological Evaluation

To determine diagnoses and make recommendations for home, school, and community

▸ Neuropsychological Testing

Psychoeducational/School Evaluations

▸ Clinical Interventions Treatments

Cognitive & Neurocognitive Rehabilitation
Health & Behavioral Interventions
Individual Psychotherapy
Behavior Modification
School Re-entry/Transition
Vocational Reintegration
Chronic Pain Management

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