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New Way Day Services has created an “Autism Parenting Handbook” to address the most common concerns that parents face in their households.

We hope this guide help give parents the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their unique parenting journey with confidence.

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“If your child is nonverbal, you can teach them more appropriate ways
of expressing themselves, like making simple signs with their hands, which can be either American Sign Language or a similar gesture.”

-Autism Parent Handbook, Page 4

To take advantage of your ‘FREE’ personalized version of  your Autism Parenting Handbook, we invite you to contact our center.

In this free consultation, we will discuss your concerns and the specific needs of your child and family. Our team will write our professional evaluation in your Autism Parenting Handbook for you and your family to keep with you.

To take advantage of this special gift, call us at our Main Office during opening hours at (305) 597-3861 or email us at info@NewWayDayService.org.

We look forward to supporting you and your family through your journey.

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