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At New Way Day Services, we provide services to treat children with diagnoses on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and other behavioral conditions.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?
Applied Behavior Analysis is a teaching methodology that uses proven methods to teach children with Autism enhanced social behaviors like self-care, play, motor skills, language, academic, self-help, and other living skills.

What if ABA Therapy does not work for my child?
ABA has benefited so many children who are living with ASD. ABA therapy helps by teaching important developmental skills. It can also help improve communication abilities while reducing harmful behaviors, including self-injury.

ABA is only one of many ASD interventions available, and it may not work for every child. Call us to discuss the needs of your child so we can develop a customized educational plan that will best serve the needs of your child and family.

How can I afford ABA Therapy?
Florida requires health insurance plans to provide important coverage to children, including services for ASD. Coverage is limited by the child’s treating physician following a treatment plan and is limited to $36,000 annually and may not exceed $200,000 in total lifetime benefits.

This means, if your child is insured, and lives in the state of Florida, his services will be covered by their insurance in most circumstances. We accept most insurance policies. Call us today for quick verification of insurance coverage.

How long will my child need ABA Therapy?
The length of time a child participates in an ABA program will depend on the educational plan developed, the child’s progress towards the family’s goals, and the family’s ability to use the prescribed activities in their everyday life.

Parents are the most important factor in determining how long a child needs intervention. We offer FREE parent training programs to help parents understand how they can best help their child reach their goals at home. Call us today for more information about out parent training programs.

ABA Therapy near Miami Dade County
ABA Therapy Services is provided by New Way Day Services throughout Miami, FL. We offer In Home ABA Therapy in Miami, Center Based ABA Therapy and in community settings, so that you can give your child the care that they deserve.

We provide them with tools and skillsets that enable them to navigate through the complexities of real-life settings.

ABA brings positive reinforcement and behavioral observation together to help children with autism and behavioral conditions improve in development and functioning. Our trained team of behavioral therapists (BCBAs, BCaBA’s, Licensed Counselors) will work closely with your child through one-on-one interactions for ABA therapy success.

Give us a call at (305) 597-3861 to discuss the needs of your child or send us a message here via our contact form.

Our consultations are 100% free!

“Autism doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a parent who never gives up.”